• Sherri Cassel

They call it “Wonderland”....

Well, I am here in “Wonderland”. This is where I’ll spend my summer. I have been thinking about that nickname for Yellowstone National Park. Indeed there is no where like it on earth. Walking around here it’s rather surreal in the fact that the earth bubbles underneath and SHOWS you. It burps and boils, exposing what turmoil lies below. It is so fascinating and beautiful. It’s like a kaleidoscope

that doesn’t require looking through a tube - you just look down....aqua,vibrant greens, oranges, yellows, white, mustard, brown, black, whatever color you imagined is living in heated water from the earth below. Those colors are actually living things! So I guess wonderland is a great nickname, but I still prefer that our nation’s first National Park be just - Yellowstone.

What the minerals and heat do to trees

Grand Prismatic

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