• Sherri Cassel

The Struggle

I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park in the winter. What a crazy experience. They say, that before I arrived it was rather bland. Winter hadn’t really created the “Wonderland” that YNP is known for. BUT - that changed very quickly after one day there. In fact, the first day I went out to photograph it was MINUS 32 degrees fahrenheit. Yes, negative thirty two! But sunny. So I got some great shots as my breathe FROZE to my hair. Rhime frost was the extraordinary thing that happens when it gets that cold. Supercooled droplets freeze onto surfaces (see the photo below). From there on it snowed every day! Soft big fluffy walls of snow carpeted everything. In fact, I nearly couldn’t leave YNP because of the more than 3 feet of new snow. This is when I really saw all the ungulates struggling to get to food. Tough to watch, but I knew it was part of the natural cycle.

Notes about winter visitation: You MUST be transported into the Old Faithful Snow Lodge, there is NO way for personal vehicles to get there. You MUST go by a special snow coach. And they’re awesome vehicles with HUGE tires.

I recommend staying INSIDE the park. You’ll be in an exclusive group of people that does. And a very tiny portion of people who visit do. From there, snow shoe, cross country ski, and get on the tours that XANTERRA operates INSIDE the park.

Stay no fewer than 5 days to fully appreciate the winter wonder of Yellowstone.

Bring extra batteries for everything. And, if available, a battery charging pack. Keep your extra batteries warm, or the cold will make them die quicker.

Makes all these plans way ahead of time.

If you have any questions about how to navigate YNP in winter, just drop me an email at DaisyWolfStudio@gmail.com - I highly recommend it. It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

"Morning at Minus 32 degrees” - Sherri Camperchioli

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