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The Little Things....

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

an ant on dandelion seeds...taken with my iPhone and an Easy Macro Band

Often times - actually almost EVERY time - I start a tour, I’m asked - “Will we see wildlife?”. And, I often reply with a quote from a guide who used to work here - (insert long southern accent here....)

“ Well, I can’t guarantee we’ll see wildlife, BUT, I can guarantee we’ll see stupid”. Which is SO true here in Yellowstone. The large mammal that provides us our daily shocker, are the people.

But, I really have a job ahead of me when people expect to see wildlife. It’s a personal challenge to me to open their eyes to ALL the beauty of Yellowstone - large and small. So while we peruse the open meadows and forests for the wildlife - we also stop very often to enjoy the beauty that surrounds us right underneath of feet. I like to change the perspective of folks visiting to look up, look down, look far, look wide, look in the water, look at the dew, look at the sunbeams breaking through the steam of thermal features, and SO much more. In the end, I do believe that everyone has gained a new found perspective and I’ve created better ambassadors for nature as a whole. Not JUST for the big things, but for the little things too.

A beautiful mushroom .....

This is an extreme close up of a clover. So close you can see tiny tiny drops of morning dew on each petal

Spider webs with morning dew....again, iPhone shot!

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