• Sherri Cassel

Self Discovery

I am entering my 8th year as a seasonal worker. It started the year I came out of a 24 year marriage, I landed a job in Glacier National Park while I was on the road with my basset hound. We were vagabonding in a 1968 13 foot trailer (that was stolen along the way....). That same year my Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. I quit that first gig to go home and stay with my Mom until her death in 2012. Then I returned to seasonal work, but decided not to return to management. Instead, I asked to train to be a tour guide and driver, so I could be outside everyday. And, that’s what I’ve been since. I’ve worked as a guide to The Grand Canyon, worked in Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and Denali National Park. I attained certification as a professional guide, and recently started my own business as a professional photographer. Seasonal life is tough on relationships and family connections. My son lives in New York, my daughter and granddaughter in Nevada (along with my partner and extended family). My ups and downs seem to come out of nowhere. I know, I know - I am filled with gratitude for where I live. But my emotional scars are not healed. They are with me no matter how beautiful the place. However, the fact that I recognize it, is a step. Writing this makes me feel vulnerable. Scared. Guilt. Shame. Sadness. I’m trying to feel those things, then let them go through. I can’t believe at my age, the constant growth and learning. Also recognizing you make a difference - still. If you made it this far on this, I hope you see my life is far from ideal or perfect, no ones is. If fact, sometimes what gets me through the day is being grateful just for today. I’ve met, and know, folks whose lives are far more stricken than mine. It’s all perspective. My seasonal life is a road to self discovery, not just beautiful places.

Denali 2019
The Protector

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