• Sherri Cassel

Point your camera where they’re not....

I took this with my iPhone in the early morning...thank you Mr. Spider web artist!

I am LOVING being a photography tour guide in Yellowstone. The ability to stop WHERE and WHEN we want and GET OUT and take photos makes all the difference in the day. I am finding that we are getting off the beaten path, are ahead of the crowds and, often SO alone, we can hear the sounds of Yellowstone. Birds calling, bison eating grass and butting heads, the rush of flowing rivers and waterfalls. Today, while we were taking shots of morning fog, tiny flowers and trees, a river otter trotted along the banks of the Firehole River! I encourage you wherever you are - stop, get our of your car, and spend a minimum of 10 minutes absorbing nature. Walk about. Point your camera - up - down - around. You’ll never know what you’ll find.

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