• Sherri Cassel

Go to your Plan “B"

Recently my husband and I set out to photograph the Milky Way. It was a two hour drive to the location I had in mind. A grand forest of very mature HUGE Joshua Trees in Arizona. We checked the forecast and it seemed optimal - little wind, clear skies, ideal temperatures. The desert delivered! It was soooo quiet and we were the only ones there. HOWEVER - the moon was SO bright at about 70% that it looked like daytime! You could actually see the shadows cast by the giant Joshua Trees. The Milky Way photography, the way we envisioned, was not going to happen. So I kicked in to plan “B” - let’s have fun with lights and the foreground objects. The Joshua Trees themselves. It was fantastic and fun!

Always have a plan “B”...because you NEVER know what Mother Nature will throw you! I had a few glow sticks in my bag of tricks and had fun with long exposures! Alternative light sources - headlamps, glow sticks, LED, candles, lanterns - can be super cool to play with at night.

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