• Sherri Cassel


Expectations can REALLY alter reality can’t they? When you have none, the day turns out much better. I try to set this pace for the beginning of every tour. Everyone thinks we are going on an Alaskan Safari, when in fact, we are going on an adventure. We are exploring the unknown, traveling through an unusual and exciting wilderness. Any animals we see along the way are a BONUS. After all Denali National Park and Preserve is 6 MILLION acres. And, we wind on a tiny little dirt road through a very small percentage of it. Having said that, I have never worked in a park that has better wildlife opportunities than Denali. Here, wildlife is WILD. Here, they are not encroached upon. Here, they pay no regard to the restricted traffic allowed to view them. Here, the visitors are respectful ambassadors of pristine wilderness. Here, we count ravens, arctic ground squirrels, and bears as beautiful wildlife. Next time you are about to implode - from impatience - take a breath - and evaluate your expectations. Then let them drift away. And enjoy that you were able to TAKE a breath and enjoy the day. Think of the positive, smile, and give the person next to you a peace sign.

The Elusive Lynx - The only Cat in Denali

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