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Bears being bears....

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

Resting Grizz
Relaxed and comfortable this Grizzly stretches its legs (and huge claws) out while napping in the forest

I had a day off recently in which I set out to take photographs. This day alone, I saw three bears. This particular grizzly was not far from the road, so I stayed a couple of hours watching her behavior and antics. What a treat! I wish for everyone to see wildlife in their natural environments. I wish for everyone the time to sit and watch nature. While this bear grazed on fresh sprouts of grass and clover, she also took the time to nap. When you’re the top of the food chain you can sleep where you want when you want right? Most inland bears are about 80% vegetarian. Meaning that grass, roots, shoots, leaves and such, are vital to their sustenance. As far as meat, in environments like Yellowstone National Park or Denali National Park and Preserve, bears are opportunists. That is, when meat presents itself in the form of - perhaps a dying animal, a young animal, an injured animal or an animal wolves have already taken down - THEN they’re in for the feast. Several times during this photographic opportunity I caught this bear with its mouth full of grass or clover. Bears are known to spend 18 hours of their 24 hour day foraging for food.

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Watchful Eye
This grizzly rested among the lodgepole pines, often with a watchful eye.

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