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Let's face it - seasonal living isn't for everyone. Getting ready for a seasonal job requires planning - where to stow your belongings, finding a caretaker for your pets, trying to fit you life into a few suitcases and then saying "until we meet again" to all your loved ones. It can be challenging and it takes courage. AND the payoff is huge!

Being immersed in the wonderland of National Parks is energizing. Despite the hustle and bustle of tourist activity, there are many moments to commune with Mother Earth. Not only does this "office" have one of the best views on the planet, it is a place where one can completely decompress in nature. The earth connection reminds us of the way life is meant to be: awe inspiring, primal, uninhibited and spontaneous.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to just pick up and go, read on. The following is a snippet of my life as a seasonal worker. Clicking on the links may just be the spark you need to discover your own journey off the beaten path.


Living Seasonal   March 16, 2015

Sherri is hands down one of the most interesting people I have yet to meet. Sherri and I have only communicated via email but I’ve gotta tell you, she’s a badass and quite the inspiration. Read on for Sherri’s amazing journey of starting over, overcoming hardships, finding love and living life! I promise her story won’t disappoint.

Wildlife Photographer Sherri Campercholi
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1. Sherri, 2010 came with a lot of change for you and allowed for an opportunity to entirely change your lifestyle. Can you tell us what happened and how you turned to seasonal living? 

Prior to 2010 I’d never heard of seasonal living.  While going through a divorce, I planned my departure from Ohio.  Which included, buying the 1968 Camper, spending the summer of 2010 restoring the camper, quitting my job in the winter of 2010, packing what I MAY need in the future into storage and preparing a route.  No end destination in mind, only to travel south and west (as it was January, I wanted to get to the sunshine and remain warmer).

 2. You purchased a 13 foot 1968 camper, sold the house, packed up Amelia and set off…what made you think to apply with Glacier National Park, initially?

A good friend had been to Glacier National Park twice and RAVED about it.  She told me about these old red busses they had, the chalets built in the 1900’s remotely located near the tops of mountains, the glaciers, the hiking, and the beautiful white Rocky Mountain Goats.

Having never been there, and having NO IDEA what I was going to do or where I was headed, I opened my laptop and applied.  I vividly remember doing this in my now empty house in Ohio.  It had been sold, everything packed away, and the house was in the process of transitioning to the new owners.  It would only be a matter of days before I left Ohio.  I was sitting on an air mattress on the floor with Amelia when I hit the “apply” button in December of 2010.  It wasn’t until March of 2011 that I heard from Glacier.

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